I was asked by David Narvaiz to move back to San Antonio in May 2001 to construct some decks in his Community. What original was a two month project became a full time business and thus created Dan’s Decks and Awnings. My original business of decks and awnings grew overnight to include any and all services for the mobile home industry.  As business improved, we expanded our capabilities and services for all sorts of mobile home projects.

We currently construct, build and create…

  • decks,
  • awnings,
  • skirting,
  • sheds,
  • block and set including re-leveling,,
  • remodeling- interior and exterior,
  • painting,
  • cabinets,
  • counter tops,
  • restoration on sinks,
  • bathtubs and counters,
  • carpet, vinyl and laminate floors,
  • rumble buttons and roof seal.

Dan’s Decks is located on the south-east side of San Antonio, Texas and we normally travel over 250 miles to do a project. Our services can reach you, and serve your needs.