Flat Awnings

Fixed awnings made from aluminum, rotomolded plastic, corrugated clear fiberglass panels, shatterproof polycarbonate or Lexan clear panels. Long, thin panels of corrugated material can be very strong, but there are also thicker flat awning cover panels, some strong enough that a person can walk on the awning surface. Metal awnings can handle a heavy snow or wind load, but are harder to paint or refinish and can be more difficult to clean without causing corrosion or damage.

Compare the different awning cover materials which are available, and consider what you will need year-round before deciding on an awning or canopy purchase.

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Gable Awnings

Gable Awnings give you the advantage of high ceiling areas which assist with ventilation as well as looking absolutley fantastic. As with all Dan’s Decks and Awnings, Gable Awnings can be designed to suit your requirements and budget. Built from a range of long lasting materials, you can be sure that your new Gable Awning will give you pleasure year after year.

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